1 Down, 5 To Go!

The First Time:
Well well well.
What can I say, the I’ve just seen the best band in the word kick off their world tour.
Heres the setlist:
City Of Blinding Lights
Vertigo / Stories For Boys (snippet)
The Cry
The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns (snippet)
An Cat Dubh / I Can See For Miles (snippet)
Into The Heart
Beautiful Day / Blackbird (snippet)
New Year's Day
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Love And Peace Or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky / The Hands That Built America (snippet) / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (snippet)
Running To Stand Still / Hallelujah (snippet)
Zoo Station
The Fly

Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name
All Because Of You

The show was amazing from start to finish, City Of blinding lights is the perfect opener. Vertigo sounds so much better than it did on the promo shows, Loved how bono said “any Mexican residents ?” before vertigo.
Surprise inclusions from the rehearsal, were New Years Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday which were both great…if they can just include Until The end of the world, mysterious ways on Wednesday, that would be great.
Bonos drumming on love and peace was again great to see, a great song to work into Bullet too.
Pride worked better into streets this time, but I still thing Bad & All I want is you belong with streets….as good as this new combo is.
Great to see them play “40” again, Bono said that they hadn’t played that since 1983…well it was actually January 10 1990 Bono!

Cant wait for Wednesday!
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Day 1 Of The US-U2 Trip

Los Angeles
Day 01: Saturday 26th March 2005

Slept in most o the day, until finally getting up at about 12:30pm
We decided to head to the Los Angeles Sports arena at about 3pm, to chance our luck at getting in to see the rehearsal.
After sitting around for about three hours, security came out and announced that everyone was going to be able to get in! , Which was a huge surprise, luckily we didn’t leave.
We got into our seats at about 6:30 to have look at the stage (which was much like the elevation tour stage)
The band took the stage at about 6:45, with an extended intro to “City Of Blinding Lights”, before launching into some old songs, which haven’t been played for 20 odd years. “Electric Co” (since the Joshua Tree Tour) as well as “An Cat Dubh” and “Into The Heart” other songs I can recall were “Beautiful Day”, followed by “Miracle Drug”, when Bono went to tell his story about the song, he suddenly stopped, and announced that “You don’t need to hear the rest of the story, your that sort of crew”
Next the band launched into “Elevation”
An acoustic version of “Stuck In A Moment” with edge on the piano, following this Larry came out from behind the drum kit, to take a small drum set on the tip of the “heart”, and this began the start of “Love And Peace Or Else”, which ended up with Bono Drumming on Larry’s little drum set.
An acoustic version of “Yahweh” followed this, which lead into that old classic rocker “Bullet The Blue Sky”, before slowing things down with “Running To Stand Still” with Edge back on the piano”. Before going off stage for quick break, and a Video (which was rumoured to run of 9 minutes, It didn’t quite go that long!) The band returned on stage with that intro from the old Zoo TV days “Zoo Station” was BACK! and even better than it was 13 years ago from the Zoo TV Days, following ZS, its old partner in crime “The Fly” began, sounding even better than the elevation tour version. Then came the first single of HTDAAB, “Vertigo” slightly extended with “Stories For Boys” snippet. Following that the Band went off stage again, and returned again shortly with “Pride” and “Where The Streets Have No Name”, From memory I believe that closed off the rehearsal with “All Because Of You”, “One” and the old closer that hasn’t been played at a full U2 show since the Lovetown tour "40"

All in all, an unforgettable night, I’m sure I’ve forgotten about a few songs, but songs that weren’t played that I get played on the Vertigo tour are “Crumbs From Your Table”, The Unforgettable Fire”, “Until The End Of The World”, and “Mysterious Ways”, we’ll see on Monday!

Another long travelling day ahead tomorrow, 5 hours on the bus to San Diego, before more U2 on Monday
Can’t wait!
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Its Almost Time!!!

In 12 hours I will be going through Customs
I dont know If I will get much sleep tonight, Will let me have a good sleep on the plane I guess, make the 16 hour jounrney go a bit faster.

Anyway, I look forward to posting Live from San Diego next week, and with reviews + pics of the shows!!
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Hello Hello, Theres Only 3 Days To Go!!!

3 More Sleeps (2 If i'm over exited on Thursday) Until I'm "On The Way To The USA!", not before a Quick pit stop over in New Zealand.

I must appoligise for Yet again, I've not posted in there since the 1st....But i'll definitly be posting a lot on my US trip (Am I one Hell Of a Broken Record or What?) providing I dont need to buy an ADSL modem to use in the Hotel over there.

(no subject)

Not Much to post today.....Again, I've neglected my journal.....(Man that sounds like a broken record now)

I Promise to make more of an effort to post in the future.

24 More Day's till in in the USA!!....2 Days In L.A before moving on to San Diego....and the big 1 of 6 shows...can't wait, and the days can't pass any slower.....and when I get over there, It will pass to fast.....
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Hello All.
Couldnt think of a Topic.

Two things to clear up from the top....Happy Valentines, and What a preformance from the 'boy's (aka U2) who know how to play rock and roll (but they cant dance, and they know that, so thats fine)

Amazing performance at the Grammys....Still i wonder if Bono will be up for the "hear me when I SIIIIIIIIIIIING" come the middle of the tour......I'm sure he will be fine though.

Scored a major bonus off ebay yesterday...1 Seat @ Los Angeles 4/5 section 108, row 15 for $152.50...AMAZING.......I cant belive i got it for less then face value.

Speaking of Ebay, I'm trying to win myself an effects pedal (WHY?, when i need to save for the tour??) I've learnt to play the opening Riff of vertigo, and thought....Well its about the (Bad Time) to get an Pedal. Hopefully if the auction goes as planned $85 off ebay...would be very cool.

Will have to post an mp3 sometime..

Bye now!

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Long Time, No Post

Once again, I've neglected my Journal.

Right now, i should be in bed, It is after all 2:04am.
But the last Two nights I felt really sick when i've gone to bed....and is the reason why i'm still up at this hour.
In other news...

As many people missed out on getting tickets, i've been a lucky one
I managed

San Diego 28/3
San Diego 30/3
Anaheim 01/4
Anaheim 02/4

and Thanks to ebay

Los Angeles 06/4

Now i Just need to somehow get a L.A 5/4 ticket....anyone :)

Hope its not so long before i post in here again.
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I was most surpised this morning, when i walked out of my room (with no-one else home by the way) to a kitchen full of smoke, and backyrard full of people putting out a fire!

Tried to ring my Father, who had lost is mobile, Mum had left hers at home, so i only had my Grandpearents to call.

It wasnt a big fire, but Dad reckons he can see $20,000 worth of damage.
It ruiend the fencing around the tennis court, burnt over half the trees, that were about 20 years + old, around the back of our house, which basicly blocks out the people behind us.

We found out how it was started, the builders behind us were using an angle grinder, which sparked the fire.

I guess though the main thing was, nobody was hurt.
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Tour Dismatled?

Coming home from a rough day of work with dad, i come home, Log onto Inteference, expecting to MAYBE have Tour dates for the upcoming tour of 2005......i get the EXACT opposite!

I'm rather dissapointed, if the rumor is true..."Family illness".....do think its fair for the band to postpone the tour if the illness is real, searious, and in the family.
Yes, Bono got through Elevation with his father dying, i guess the only thing worse than this (if anything, is somone even closer to Him, Edge, Adam or Larry, you can figure that out)

This really screws with my head, and my plans, because i had high hopes on Going to Toronto and Montreal, now, if they change the dates, i'll have to miss the shows (because of my final year of school), i will still however see them when the tour downunder.....probabley in 2006 now, which is OK with me.

Time will tell, and we'll probabley know a lot more in the next 1-3 Days
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(no subject)

Once again, i've left my journal out in the dark, and have decided to brush off the piles of dust, and enter a new entry....no pun intended!...(if it even was one!!)

First of, Happy new year to y'all.
I know this will probabley be one of the hardest, but defintly the best year of my 17 Year Carrer on Earth.
Firstly the best parts
- Flying overseas (currently toronto/montreal) to see U2 play live (for the VERY FIRST TIME!!)
- Then again in Melbourne later in the year.

and the tough part
- The Final Year of high school.

U2 just pick the greatest years to put out one of the greatest records they've ever done (IMO its the best one yet), and then tour...i do wish they had toured in 2004...but oh well.

Another additon to my family since I last posted, i've got pay TV installed in my room.
Loving it so far (even though, some might say what an idiot....U2 tour to pay for, aswell as pay TV and the 'hardest' year of school infront of me)
But its great (currently watching Liverpool v Chelsea....and nither side i follow (Sunderland Man here!)

Bye for now!
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